cenote-santa-cruzCenote Santa Cruz

The Yucatan Peninsula sits on a bed of of limestone, a porous stone that yields a geological formation unique to this part of Mexico. This formation, is called a cenote. A cenote is a grotto filled with fresh water, fed by underground streams that originate in the ocean. The ocean water loses its saline content through miles of natural limestone filtration. Centoes were considered sacred by the indigenous Mayan people and were central to many religious rituals.

One of the most spectacular cenotes on the peninsula is Cenote Santa Cruz. A visit to this unique cenote starts almost a 1/4 mile away with a descent down a ladder into a cave system. The floor of the cave descends slowly until you are walking in fresh, crystal clear knee-deep water from an underground river. The water gets deeper and you swim into the cenote, which is open to the sky above. There is a platform and rope swing, which provides for lots of fun in the cenote. It is truly a magic experience!