tarpon fishingCampeche

Located on the northwestern side of the Yucatan Peninsula, Campeche has established a reputation as “the” Caribbean hotspot for juvenile tarpon.

Campeche offers some of the finest and most consistent fishing for baby tarpon that we have found anywhere in the world.

Tarpon WinterThe Yucatan Peninsula extends like a thumb into the ocean. The Cancun(east) side of the peninsula is on the Caribbean Ocean with its extensive network of large bays and sandy beaches. Its flats are home to bonefish, permit, snook and tarpon. The Campeche (west) side of the peninsula is on the Gulf of Mexico with extensive mangrove forests, creeks and small lakes. The predominant gamefish here is the baby tarpon. A species of small snook is present.

Campeche Accommodations and Guides
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Campeche Accommodations

Accommodations for traveling angler who is looking for the true Campeche experience. Find a hotel with features such amenities as a swimming pool, 24-hour cafe, gift shop, laundry services, and close proximity to downtown.

Guides and Boats

The Campeche Tarpon boats are the best in the region, specially suited for fly fishing and for navigating shallow waters. A guide will recommend the best fly depending on the time of day and the climate conditions. They expertly read the tides, which is of utmost importance in shallow water fishing. They know fly fishing english language and are personally trained by Alejandro.